Getting Involved – Forms of Activism And Contribution!

“If you try and lose then it isn’t your fault. But if you don’t try and we lose, then it’s all your fault”

The following information is meant for individuals that have experienced an awakening and/or disillusionment with the anti-white cultural Marxist status quo, and are looking to get involved in the fight to save the West. It must be remembered that we are up against a large contingent of leftist money, power, and resources. Therefore, it is quintessential that every racially conscious individual get involved in every way that they can. We must all be doing our part to raise awareness and advance the cause. At the same time, however, any and all contributions do help.

This pamphlet is designed to offer general ideas for individuals that seek to participate in socio-political activism, but do not possess a clear understanding of the various ways in which they can contribute and make a difference. We appreciate the fact that everyone has different circumstances and capabilities that shape how they contribute. This pamphlet gives everyone options, but at the same time is not meant as a complete and comprehensive list. Sometimes you must rely on your own creativity and ingenuity to find innovative solutions to opposing the enemy. I hope this helps you get started.


There are several types of donors:

  1. Members of organizations or political parties whose donations come in the form of monthly dues. These donors most generally are obligated to contribute a minimum monthly or annual amount in order to maintain their exclusive privilege of membership within an organization or political party. The monies accrued through dues often finance street level activism or maintain a platform through which information can be propagated.
  2. Anonymous non-affiliated donors are typically individuals that are fed-up with the status quo, but at the same time cannot afford to be publicly crucified for their involvement with the movement. They generally donate generous amounts of money to fuel activism or provide resources for our people, and they maintain a strict code of anonymity.

Donations do not always have to take the form of money. Some organizations will accept donations of food, clothing, or other resources and then direct them to those in need.

Donors are an important component in this fight. We simply cannot have the desired affect without the money and resources necessary to make things happen. From legal battles to publications and street level demonstrations, we need money to see it through.

Frontline Activists

Frontline activists are the people you see at the rallies, protests, demonstrations, etc. They are passionate, confrontational, committed, and physically present defenders. One day they may be distributing fliers locally, the next day they may be attending a rally against immigration. They stay busy giving the movement a physical presence.

Having frontline activists is key to raising awareness on important issues. For instance, if a leftist group is protesting in favor of some degenerate cause, then we are there as a demonstrable contrast in moral equivalence. This helps to draw the line while simultaneously raising awareness to the existence of a white resistance still unbroken and unbowed. This helps the center choose sides and gives fence-sitters the backbone and hope necessary to join the fight.

Frontline activists risk it all in the name of advancing our cause. They not only risk their social standing but also their lives. This form of contribution is not for everyone. It requires huge sacrifice.

To become a frontline activist you need to follow activist organizations that appeal to your style of pro-white activism and coordinate with like-minded individuals to either organize events or attend events that have been pre-arranged. Be prepared to defend yourself and your beliefs at these events. Leftists are often violent, intolerant, and deranged.


Intelligentsia is the label I give to a broader group of skilled contributors: writers, thinkers, bloggers, vloggers, hackers, graphics designers, leaders, etc.

Essentially, if you have a specialized skill, then you can put it to use fighting for our people. We need website designers, content developers, opposition researchers, and many other high valued skill sets.

To get started putting your professional skills to use, it is best to start with a well established platform. It can be something as simple as a publishing good piece of content once weekly or something more advanced like revamping an entire website. Wherever and however you can put yourself to use, just get started and bring your best to the table.

Information Technology Specialists

In this capacity your sole objective is managing and disseminating content that has been produced in an effort to gain support, raise awareness, and sway public opinion on core issues.

This role requires someone to develop an extensive online presence and network as well as a real world presence and network. You are responsible for plugging links to significant websites, articles, videos, organizations, etc. You may spend hours trolling opposition feeds, joining communities, and informing the public of events, organizations, and anything else that is relevant in the present moment.

Your job is essentially to dedicate a substantial amount of time to the task of spreading information in support of our cause and introducing alternative views to mainstream propaganda. Invade the safe spaces and disrupt the mainstream narrative.


In today’s unpredictable and incendiary political environment, security is a necessity at all events and gatherings. Not all people have the training and demeanor required to be members of a security detail. Oftentimes, you will need to be able to possess and use firearms, have a tactical knowledge of security methods and protocol, and an attitude of confidence and equanimity.

If you are ex-military or have training relevant to this field, then you are an asset. Seek to contribute.

Trainers/Teachers/ Instructors

Prepping for disaster or societal collapse has become a trend as things seem to spiral more and more towards a cataclysmic event. Preparedness is a very pragmatic and rational response in today’s environment of uncertainty.

Most people, unfortunately, have become so dependent upon a consumeristic lifestyle that they have forgotten the art of self-reliance and survival. They no longer know how to make medicine, grow food, make weapons and tools, build structures, identify plants or animals, make clothing, etc. They are completely helpless in the event of a catastrophe.

Despite this shortcoming, a lot of people have realized their vulnerability and have sought to reconcile it by relearning forgotten skills and knowledge. On the other hand, some have been fortunate enough to have had certain skills passed on to them by their forebears. Others may want to learn, but haven’t had the opportunity.

This is where the need for instructors and teachers comes in. You can arrange seminars or workshops at which you can expound on your area of specialty, or you can run online classes. You can mix and match different pedagogical approaches to implementing an educational program. The sky is the limit. Sharing your knowledge will strengthen our people collectively, and allow you to partake in an ancient and honorable tradition: teaching. It is a great way to contribute.

In closing, I must reiterate the importance of getting involved and remind you that you can be an agent of change and influence no matter your situation. Some people may choose one form of activism while others may contribute in multiple ways. It all depends on your circumstances and your capabilities.

No matter what you choose to do just get involved! Don’t make excuses for inaction, don’t procrastinate, and don’t be a silent observer. Get out and get involved in a way that is tailored to your circumstances and capabilities. The act of writing this pamphlet is, in itself, a form of voluntary contribution. It required very little other than time and motivation.

Keep in mind that this movement needs you, your people need you, your children and family need you, and history needs you. You are important beyond compare, so find your niche, find your passion, and get involved!



  1. I believe it’s for everyone to have a site in which direction we can help out the most. For some that one to help but really didn’t know how they could. Well this pamphlet gives information on what you could be good at in this movement.


  2. Reblogged this on The ShieldWall Network and commented:
    In the recent interview Billy Roper did with Marie of The Right Voice, they discussed similar topics, including the importance of starting IRL networks and becoming a person of influence in your community in preparation for The Balk.


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